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Airian is the second-largest continent in Ouran, south-west of The Isle of Stone and east of Paega. Most of it is forest and grasslands but the north is far mor mountainous. Life is harder for the people in the north of Airian because the climate there is so cold and dangerous.


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Nightgate is a city in the South-West of Airian. It’s the most important city in Airian, and it almost stands as a kingdom on its own. It’s one of the biggest cities in the entire of Ouran and is home Airian’s royalty. There are several smaller towns surrounding it that people say are a part of the city, so they don’t have names of their own. There is a gate very close to Ouran. Nightgate’s old castle still exists, though it has not been in use for some time. It is now called Nightgate Ruins.

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In Airian the lawmakers are the priests and they rule by Divine Right, delivering the justice of the gods. There is no set laws in Airian, instead the follow all the rules and guidelines given to them by their gods. The law is what the gods say it is and the priests are the only ones who can speak to them.

Airian banned magic after the rebellion began because they feared that it would be used against them. The royals still employ some magic users as their own personal workers, however, like Healers.

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The priests dress like nobility; some men wear robes, some wear normal clothing with religious symbols on them but they are always clearly visible.

The women of Airian wear long loose-fitting dresses and shoes. They don’t wear jewellery, but leather headbands and wrist-guards are sometimes worn. The men dress in long tunics with belts and leggings.

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Religion is very important to the people of Airian. They believe in The Ancients

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