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Roane is an island in the south east. It is mostly desert so droughts and famines are the most common problem for the people, rather than war and disease. There are four large rivers that support the island, named simply North, South, East and West. (These aren't shown on the map.) The capital, Khasii, is located near the river East and it grows most of its crops on the riverbank. There are two very small islands north of Roane that belong to the Roanan people. One of them is very mountainous, while the other is more like the island of Roane.

The Rivers: North, East, South and West.

Many of the Roanan cities are alongside these rivers, as they provide fertile ground for growing crops and supplies of water for the people to use. The rivers are used to trade with other countries because ships can travel down to bring goods to other places and back to the cities.


Near the rives plants grow that are found nowhere else on Ouran, like brightly coloured orchid flowers. There are cacti in the desert areas of Roane and many plants in the rainforests.


Khesii is the capital city of Roane. The royal family have always lived there, in a huge palace (The Sand Palace) with nearly a hundred rooms. It is near the river east and there is a port leading out onto the river, where ships could bring trade out to sea. Near Khesii there is also the statue of Sahra, the King's deceased sister.

The Roanan People

Roanan people have naturally tanned skin. Their eyes ore often brown, gray, hazel or amber and their hair is usually brown and black or bright red.


·        Royalty

·        Nobility

·        Military Commanders/Officers

·        Priests

·        Soldiers               

·        Civilians

·        Peasants

·        Servants   No Ink

Legal system

The kings -or, less commonly, Queens- of Roane are responsible for creating and altering the laws. There laws are recorded in a book that the king keeps, though the priests and guard commanders also have the list. The laws in Roane are strict, and to enforce them guards patrol the streets, usually armed.

The Guards will deal with most crimes themselves but in more severe cases, like murder or treason, the criminals would be brought to The Sand Palace.

In most of Roane, as in many places, magic is banned because it was deemed too dangerous by the various Kings and Queens. In the few places that do allow magic, laws still exist telling people when the can and can’t use it, and what they can use it for.


The Roanan people tattoo themselves with coloured ink. The colour can show many thing, like which family they belong too or their rank.  They often dress in bright colours, like red and blue. Their clothing is thin because of the temperature in Roane.

People wear either sandals or no shoes at all. Jewellery is very popular in Roane, especially gold, and wearing bracelets and anklets is common.

Nobles and Royals wear brightly coloured silk and lots of jewellery.