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Type: polytheism*

Main deities: Vylios (The Ancient of fire), Anlios (The Ancient of Darkness), Halios (The Ancient of light)

Other deities: Atala (Life), Tae (Death),


Vylios is the Ancient of fire. Most people call him 'The Great Flame', though.


The Religion is heavily associated with fire, as the people believe that fire represents peoples thoughts and emotions, both good and bad. It can create and destroy so fire isn't a good thing like light is, nor is it a bad thing like darkness.

More than anything else, the fire represents change. It's constantly flickering and shifting. Since the fire is a representation of peoples thoughts,it tells them that they can change. Only when a person dies does the fire go out.

"Many years ago, man discovered fire. Fire kept us safe and warm for generations. It saved us from the darkness that once covered our world; Ouran. Fire is also dangerous. It burns, and it hurts, much like man can. We are the fire, who burns with such love or hate, who can save but can also kill, who is missed when it goes out. We are the fire in many ways so let us listen too it. Let Vylios light the way through the darkness and show us the truth, but show us not to fear the truth. Do not fear the flames, because in the end, they will consume us all." - The book of Fire (Sec:2)


Any important events in a persons life must be in the light of fire. Or, as the fire song says, "In the light of the fire and the sight of The Ancients,"


Some groups believe in unity and equality, thinking that, "The greatest flames always begin as the tiniest of lights, the smallest of sparks. We think ourselves different from each other but in the end, everything burns."

Their book says... "Man has a choice in our world, we can rise together as the lights, or we can fall together as enemies. In the end we are not so different, we are either flames, or piles of ash."

There are other groups who take it in the opposite way, however, believing that they are flames and they should burn whatever gets too close, as real fire does. This group is the minority.

End of the World

One day, they say, the darkness will destroy the great flame and the whole world will set alight. To burn his body on his pyre. That is the day the world will end