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Most of the Islands of the circle are currently uninhabited, and are filled with the ruins of previous civilization. This is mainly because around the islands it is far too dangerous and rocky for ships to travel to them, and most people that go there never return. The islands themselves are cold and barren, so there aren’t very many animals living there either. 

Ri island

The only island with people living on it is called Ri and it is the largest of the group. The island is home to a religious group who worship The Creator (see: Notes sec.) The people of Paega, who controll the island, know nothing of these people, all they know is that sending people to the islands is to dangerous, and they have nothing to gain by going there. No-one other than the natives of Ri have been to the islands in many years. This has gived The Creator's worshipers time to build their own civilisation on the island, where they wouldn't be disturbed by others.



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