The Isle of Stone

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The Isle of stone is a large island in the north-east. It’s known for its stone beaches (most of the coastline is rock, and flat beaches with no sand) home to some of the best fishing towns on Ouran. A lot of the island is rocky and mountainous and storms are very common on the coastline, making it difficult for ships. This causes a lot of problems for the people because trading with countries overseas is where almost all of The Isle of Stone’s finances come from. Sea nymphs live off the coast.

The island itself is mainly covered in snow and ice, so the population is scattered. Most of the people live in villages.  


Whitefort is a castle near Haramirr, the less mountainous part of The Isle of Stone. It’s a large castle, built of huge slabs of stone and is home to Exal Stone and his living family. It was built hundreds of years ago and has stood through many wars, which was exactly what the creators built it for.

Mt. Soraa

Mount Soraa is the largest mountain on the island. Most of the lower range is covered in thick snow and canyons. Dragons are believed to live in the man caves on the mountain so no-one ever goes too close to it.


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Haramirr is the most important city on The Isle of Stone.

People from the Isle of Stone

People from the Isle of Stone people have pale skin. Their eyes ore often blue, gray or pale green and their hair can be almost any colour (Though brown and blonde hair is the most common).

They are a very independent group of people, who follow the king of Airian.

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